Here at Flip Labs, we are passionate about showing what we're learning as we're learning it. And with so many systems-level issues to solve, we can't wait to scale. Working with the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) feels like the best way to influence the next generation of systems thinkers while strengthening our collective ability to listen for insights and design with empathy.

This weekend we'll be hosting a design workshop on CMU's campus, a chance for an interdisciplinary group of undergrads, graduate students, and faculty to come together to talk about systems change. We look forward to collaborating with computer scientists, designers, business students, and humanities majors as we prototype, share insights, and learn from one another.  

Read more about the workshop below.

Designing for Systems Change

All of our social and environmental problems today are the result of human systems producing bad outcomes, whether that’s by design to reinforce existing power structures, or unintentionally due to unforeseen dynamics or consequences.

If you want to solve the world’s biggest problems, you need to understand how to re-design systems.

Flip Labs CEO Cheryl Dahle leads a two-day interactive mini-course examining how design process is being used to change the world. Case examples will include (from her own work): reinventing global fisheries, increasing childhood literacy rates by re-designing book publishing, and using finance as a design tool for change in any system.

Dahle’s course will feature several guest speakers and will offer students a chance to learn a framework for diagnosing problems and finding patterns in systems; see how design process applies to tangled, complex problems, analyze the systems they live within that are ripe for change.