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The Co-Design process begins with the opportunities generated by Discovery or a specific challenge identified by the client. In both cases, we recruit select stakeholders to co-design potential solutions. The workshops blend expertise with fresh perspective to offer a new approach to systems change: the development of an “ecosystem” of related, strategic solutions. 


We prevent people from solving problems the way they are used to solving them, which leads to new possibilities.


Rather than trying to identify the single best idea, program, or enterprise to develop or finance, foundations, companies, and investors engage the Co-Design process to surface a group of independent but related opportunities that, if engaged, would work in concert to move the needle on real change. Depending on the specific type of Co-Design product, these refined ideas may then move into our Pod process for further development.

Past Co-Design work has explored how to:

  • Use business models to support the restoration of wild oyster reefs;

  • Amplify the work of nonprofits who help restaurants make better seafood sourcing choices;

  • Grow the entrepreneur-
    ial “gift economy” of Jamaica.

What you get:

Co-Design is a highly adaptable process. We have designed and led multiple variations, ranging from single workshops to series of multi-day convenings.

Could include some combination of the following:

  • One or multiple workshops, ranging in length from half- to multi-day;
  • Preliminary research;
  • Outcomes summary report;
  • Outcomes summary video.

Co-Design is typically preceded by a Discovery process, or focuses on a challenge or issue of a narrow scope presented by the client.

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