We are an eclectic bunch of design thinkers, business consultants, journalists, and scientists who believe in the power of entrepreneurship, story, and collective impact as potent forces for positive change. Together, we have more than 25 years of experience solving complex problems ranging from human trafficking to overfishing to literacy.

Flip Labs affiliate Future of Fish was the Runner-up in the 2012 Buckminster Fuller Challenge, an incredible honor for anyone in the field of socially responsible design.



Peter Battisti


A co-founder and partner in multiple entrepreneurial ventures, Peter has 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur in renewable energy and real estate. He has seven siblings and knows all of their birthdays. »

Cheryl Dahle

Founder & C.E.O.

Cheryl has spent her career as a journalist and entrepreneur in search of patterns, complexity, and new ideas. She plays a mean hand of euchre and will forever flip the omelet too soon. »

Becca Fanning

Communications Specialist

Becca is driven by a passion for people's stories and has employed storytelling to inspire change and break down cultural barriers. She's most at home in the water and believes that you never regret taking that final swim. »

Keith Flett

Pod Director

Keith has been an entrepre- neur, a finance consultant, a seafood innovator, and an innovative seafood-finance entrepreneur. He puts that range of knowledge to use managing Flip Labs' active Pods of innovators. »

Marah Hardt

Research Co-Director

A scientist and storyteller, Marah works at the crossroads of research and creative communication. In other words, she hopes that things exit her head sounding more interesting than when they entered. »

Cari Hanson

Senior Outreach Coordinator

The thread binding Cari’s work—ranging from supporting South African women to building experiential education curricula—is a deep love of design (and of the ocean, veggies, and citrus trees). »

Colleen Howell

Research Co-Director

Colleen specializes in technical and nontechnical writing, research, project management, survey development, and data analysis; which is to say, she's a research guru who can find patterns in apparent chaos. »

Kelly Pendergrast

Senior Media Specialist

Kelly’s professional background spans arts education, film curation, and video production, with youthful stints as a bagel seller, a medical guinea pig, and a gift-wrapping elf. »




Stephen DeBerry


Founder & CIO, Bronze Investments; Partner, Kapor Capital
As an investment manager, Stephen finds and cultivates opportunities that balance financial profit with strong social impact.



Co-Founder, IAmElemental

With energy as her superpower, Dawn is tireless in helping others tap into their own superpowers, believing that the extra-
ordinary is always possible.

Joel Solomon


Chair, ReNewal Funds

As a pioneer in reimagining capital flow for social impact, Joel has over two decades of experience helping investors align their money and their values.


Guybrush Taylor


Director of Possibilities, Leo Burnett

Storyteller, detective, and inventor, Guybrush prepares ideas for reality. He believes that why will tell us how—that understanding human needs will reveal how we should act.

Alan Webber


Co-Founding Editor, Fast Company; former candidate for governor in New Mexico

Alan connects people and companies to purpose. He is an expert in catalyzing growth, meaningful conversation, and deep impact.



We invite any talented journalists, business & marketing consultants, researchers, ethnographers, project managers, designers, storytellers, and anyone else with relevant expertise to contact us about joining our network of entrepreneur advisers, interning or consulting with us, or otherwise participating in our systems change process.

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