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Future of Fish Affiliate Receives B Corporation Certification


Flip Labs CEO Hosts Mini-Course on Designing for Systems Change
Carnegie Mellon Design School-April 26, 2016
In order to better understand how design process can be used to change the world, Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design approached Cheryl Dahle, CEO of Flip Labs, to put on a mini-course for students and members of Pittsburgh foundations ...

3p Traceability Week: Q&A with Flip Labs on Seafood Traceability
Triple Pundit-Sep 10, 2014
As Cheryl Dahle, founder of Future of Fish and CEO of Flip Labs, noted in a recent op/ed on Triple Pundit: “Beyond what that deception may ...

Seen and Heard at SXSW Eco: Day 2
Triple Pundit-Oct 8, 2014
She's the founder of Flip Labs and its sister organization Future of Fish, and one of the things that she talked about on their panel today was ...

Impact Entrepreneurs Innovating to Save the Oceans
Triple Pundit-Oct 24, 2012
If funded, FLIP Labs aims to formulize a process for systems-based action and to cultivate a new professional class of systems actors who are ...

3p Traceability Week: Expert Panelists Answer Your Questions
Triple Pundit-Sep 8, 2014
3p Traceability Week is now underway! Join Triple Pundit and a panel of experts to discuss traceability in four controversial arenas — Seafood, ...

Sustainable Seafood at SXSW Eco: A Tale of Two Fisheries
Triple Pundit-Oct 16, 2014
As Cheryl Dahle, CEO of Flip Labs and founder Future of Fish, put it: “We're missing a lot of information, and what we know isn't that great.”.


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